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Club meetings are 4th tuesday of the month except July and August

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Skeet Shooting


Nauset Rod and Gun Club

A private club for current members and

guests accompanied by members to enjoy.


Basic Firearm Safety Class

Nauset Rod and Gun Club is not offering Safety Courses at this time. However two of our members Elise Costa (508) 836-0762 and Lori Deveuve (508) 255 8686 are Certified Instructors and offer safety courses which are not affiliated with the club.


Welcome to Nauset Rod & Gun Club

              Established in 1947 NR&G has been a place for all members, and guests of members to come and enjoy our facilities. We meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month,  September through June at 7:30 PM at the clubhouse. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings. If you would like to join our club, please use the "How to Join" Link at left.

     If you would like to see what we are all about, come and visit with us. There is always someone at the range on Sundays (weather permitting) from 9AM to noon, so just come on down and check us out.

     If you need more information, please call our club president

Randy Gifford (508) 789-5312, or use the E-Mail link at the bottom of the page.


Action Shooting scores 4/17/2016

Check out the latest video of Randy GT

Check out the new Calendar of Events page for monthly schedules and events

Skeet Pics Here


Action Shoots are now the 4th Sunday of the month.

Except July and August

There will be an introduction to Action Shooting at 8AM before each match.

If you're new, but interested this is the class for you



200 Yard Range Schedule:

 Beginning Saturday, December 6, 2014 the 200 yard range will be reserved the 1st Saturday of each month from 9 am until 12 pm (noon).   This will require the closure of all ranges inside the 200 yard perimeter including the Pit, Range 2, Larry Baker Range, and the 100 yard range.   Range 1, Skeet, and Hunters Clays will remain open.   If no one is using the 200 yard range on the reserved day by 11 am, the gate can be opened and the other ranges can be used.

Anyone interested in shooting 200 yards should contact Gabriel Selfe 774-722-4099.


The club has M1 Garands and Kimber bolt action 22's to loan to members and guests. If you would like to shoot any of these club guns, contact Club Armoror Keith Brazil at 508 349 1827 or Executive Officer Craig Poosikian at 508-240-2345 to reserve. They are usually there Saturdays and Sundays. Ammo is available for both guns for purchase, but use of the guns is free. If you've never shot a US Military gun, you are in for a real treat. Come try it out at the Rifle Range.



NOTICE  !!!!

We'd like to remind everyone of two important security issues that have been violated on several recent occasions. 

1.  The gate must be locked behind you except during public shooting events which normally occur on Sundays.  If the gate is locked when you get to the club, lock the gate behind you.  If you are leaving the gate open for a public event, make sure the pin is in place and is locked.  Whether closing the gate or leaving it open, always replace the pin in the receiver and lock it

2.  Please remember that you may not loan your key to anyone else under any circumstances.  This includes loaning keys to family members.  You must be present and accompany all guests at all times.   If you loan your key to another person, including family, your membership will be revoked.



Please Read This Important Notice!

The Board of Directors wishes to remind everyone that Nauset Rod and Gun Club is a private club intended for the use and enjoyment of its members and their guests.  To make sure the use of the club remains both enjoyable and safe, members are reminded to be cognizant of a few important club rules.

 All guests must be accompanied by a member when on club property.    The one exception is when a public event is being held at the club.  Please note that only the specific range(s) being used for that public event is(are) open to the public.  All other ranges are closed to non-members, including event participants.

If you are organizing/running a public event, you must lock the gate once your event has ended and you have ensured that all non-members have left the property.  Here is a partial list of public events.

-           Action Pistol, Two Gun, and Carbine Shoots; Every 3rd Sunday (except July and August)

-           Skeet and Hunters Clays Range;  Every Sunday from 9 am until 11:00 am

-           Arctic Sniper Shoot; 2nd Sunday in January

-           Turkey Shoot; Thanksgiving day from 9 am until noon

-           Masonic Charity Shoot

-           CMP Shoot

 Remember that it is a violation of club by-laws to give or loan a key to a non-member.  This includes spouses and other family members.  As per club by-laws a violation will result in revocation of your membership.

 You must have your Nauset Rod and Gun Club membership card with you while on club property.  Although it is not required, you may wish to keep your card in view given that you may be asked to present your membership card.  If you have lost your membership card, please reply to this email and we will provide you with a new one.

 Whenever you enter or leave club premises, you must lock the gate behind you even when there are others still on the property.  The one exception is during public events.  If unsure, lock the gate.  Also, when leaving the gate open make sure the pin is inserted and the lock is through the pin, closed, and locked.  Never leave the gate lock in the unlocked position. 

The club has grown rapidly over the past few years and now stands at over 450 members.  This has had its advantages and disadvantages.  One disadvantage is that it is impossible to know everyone and to always recognize who is or who is not a member.   For this reason, it is extremely important, and very much appreciated, that everyone adheres to these rules and policies.

For an aerial view of ranges, click here




To All Members:

 Effectively immediately, the use of binary explosive targets is prohibited on Nauset Rod and Gun Club property.  This includes, but is not limited to, mixed compounds of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder (often sold under names such as Tannerite, Shockwave, Gryphon Energetics, and others) as well as any other exploding compounds or reactive targets.  

The only approved targets for use on club property are soft targets, clays, and club approved steel.  If you have any questions about whether your intended target is acceptable or not, please contact the Executive Officer, Craig Poosikian.

 Failure to follow these restrictions will result in suspension or expulsion from the club.  Thank you all for understanding.




Please !!!! Please !!!!

Pick up your own trash, put it into the garbage cans, and when the cans are full;


This applies to all ranges

Also, no shooting of Spray Foam Cans on any range. Severe penalties will be assessed !!






If you are a Firearms safety Instructor and a member of the club and would like to use the club for training, you must fill out an Instructors form and mail it in.

Click here for form




We now have T-shirts as well as other merchandise  available Click for more info

Also Shotgun and fishing logos as well

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